Win Bets Formula

Win Bets Formula is a Horse Racing trading system used in conjunction with Betfair & is brought to you by a former security guard called Simon Fielder, who claims to make over one hundred thousands pounds per year.

The system itself makes a lot of sense in that, If we no what form study to look at with Horse Racing & the odds look to high or low prior to the start time, then we have a trading opportunity.

If the odds look to high & through the necessary form study, freebet indicates they will tighten then you would back that horse, in the hope that they will tighten & therefore lay back for a guaranteed profit. The same in reverse for laying, If the odds look to short & you think they will drift, then you have a laying opportunity & If they drift as expected, you would back it at the higher odds & guarantee yourself a profit.

1. What risks are involved?

There are minimal risks involved because we are trading & therefore we are looking for arbitrage opportunities prior to race start time. We always aim to back at the highest price & lay at the lowest price to guarantee a nice profit. On the odd occasion when the markets go the other way, you would trade your bet back for a small loss. This takes the emotional side out of betting because, we are not gambling as such, we are trading price fluctuations.

2. What is a green book?

With Betfair & trading in particular, we are always looking for an all green book, meaning that every horse has a green amount (positive) beside their name instead of a red amount (negative). With this system you will learn about greening up & how to guarantee yourself a free bet.

3. What piece of mind do I have with this?

It is a well written manual & carefully goes through all of the required steps in becoming a decent Betfair trader. It also comes with the usual sixty day Clickbank money back guarantee.


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