Visit the Finnish Pride: Jyvaskyla

A cozy little university town in western Finland, Jyvaskyla is a beautiful place surrounded by lakes, buzops hills and forests. Jyvaskyla, the capital of Central Finland, is the largest city on the Finish Lakeland. The aftermath of World War II, saw a new Jyvaskyla, a Jyvaskyla that has continuously been one of the most rapidly growing cities of Finland. Stated as the university abode, the centre of master education, the perfect place to learn architecture and derive inspiration from the genius works of the many greats, Jyvaskyla is the site of many education-related firsts in Finland. Known as the city of schools, the Athens of Finland, Jyvaskyla today stands on the master-plan crafted by the famous Alvar Aalto.

How to get into Jyvaskyla
One can opt for many routes.
· There is one only small airport in Jyvaskyla served by the Finncomm airlines and Finnair.
· The city of Jyvaskyla is also well connected to other Finnish cities by railroads and buses.

A tour around the city of Jyvaskyla
The city of Jyvaskyla has plenty of cycling routes and what better way to enjoy the city’s ambience than to rent a bike and go on a tour around town. Many might also prefer to walk, bellanic and the walk will definitely be one worth remembering. The serene environment is guaranteed to leave a mark on you.

Jyvaskyla’s main attractions

The university:located in the lap of beautiful Seminaarinmaki, the main campus of the university in Jyvaskyla hosts a botanical garden with name tags attached on the trees and plants. Located close to the main campus, the Mattilanniemi and Ylistonrinne campuses, by the side of lake Jyvasjarvi, designed by Arto Sipinen are also great places to relax. The green grasses around are a place where people enjoy during summer.

The beaches:Jyvaskyla having plenty of lakes, provides brilliant swimming opportunities and general beach activities during the hot summer months. sokosmiracle There is even the offer of ice swimming during the winter months. The beaches worth mentioning are:
· Tuomiojarvi
· Vuorilampi
· Kolmisoppinen, (or Korloppinen)
· Kohnionjarvi
· Alban Ranta

· The Alvar Aalto Museum displays the most important work and design by a functionalist Alvar Aalto.
· The Museum of Central Finland specializes in cultural history.
· The Craft Museum of Finland is a handicraft museum covering entire Finland. The Centre for Finnish National Costumes forms a part of the museum.
· The Jyvaskyla University Museum is specialized in history of the University and diversity of nature in Central Finland.
· Jyvaskyla Art Museum is the biggest art museum in the city, located in the city centre.
· The Halonen building – near the main railway station consists of The Centre for Creative Photography, the Centre for Printmaking and Galleria Harmonia.

Movie Theatres around Jyvaskyla:
Movie culture is very highly encouraged. sokoskinnytea Nordic movies are preferred, but the people are open to all kinds of silver-screen presentations.
· Jyvaskyla City Theatre
· Jyvaskyla Workers’ Theatre
· Huoneteatteri

Winter activities
Ice skating: one can find the perfect place to put on one’s skates during the winter months, when a thick ice forms on Lake Jyvasjarvi

Skiing and snowboarding: in Laajavuori is amazing.

Canoe-Polo, football, baseball, ice-hockey, floor-ball, canoeing and kayaking are offered throughout the year. Entertainment guaranteed.

The Jyvaskyla people are very pompous and they love their annual events. They believe celebration is a way to come close together, to interact and meet new faces.
– Arctic and Fabulous Film Festival Jyvaskyla City’s Birthday Week (last week of March)
– Ylakaupungin Yo in May
– Jyrock in April is a rock and pop festival.
– Athenis Finlandiae organised in August
– Sataman Yo is an annual pop music festival
– Jyvaskyla Arts Festival is one of the most well known festivals in Finland.
– Neste Oil Rally Finland in the end of July is a part of the WRC World Rally Championships.
– Finlandia Marathon
– Time of Dance
– The International Print Triennal Graphica Creativa

Top three hotels in Jyvaskyla
Scandic Hotel, Rantasipi Laajavuori Hotel, Sokos Jyvashovi Hotel, provide world class hospitality to each and every one of its guests.

Where to eat when in Jyvaskyla
Jyvaskylahas a wide range of restaurants: Ilokivi, Piato, sokojewelry Ylistö, Lozzi, Wilhelmiina-offering vegan food. Alko shops provide the booze aroundJyvaskyla. The pizza culture is also much encouraged and one can find several pizza corners here and there.

The Jyvaskyla nightlife
The pub culture is very prominent in Jyvaskyla. Bars and nightclubs don the city’s streets.

Bar Bra, Kharma, Old Brick’s Inn, ShakerVakiopaine, Vihrea, Haltiatar, Giggling


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