5 Hottest Batman Action Figures

Batman action figures have always been popular since the year of 1960 when they were launched first time. We all have seen Batman in movies, comics and animated t.v. series. Of all the action figures, there are more figure toys of Batman than any other character. rg3th

Toy companies like Hasbro and Kenner produces hundreds of Batman toys every year with so many variation. The Batman statue is liked by millions of people worldwide. People of all ages like Batman and toys.

Every time a new Batman movie or comic book is released, new Batman busts hit the market. The toy lines of Batman figures are named after the Batman movies or comic books. And the toys are dressed the same way as they are in the movie or comic book. v9slot

Batman is a favorite of all be it a kid or an office going person as every one admires and needs a hero in their lives.

5 Hottest Toys —

1. Batman Animated —

When ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ was released, Kenner produced a new line of toys that was based on this movie. With this line of figures, Kenner introduced some new villains like Clay face, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy. The collectible toys of this collection were a hit and they were selling like hot cakes. So, add Batman animated action figures to your collection. joker8899z

2. Batman Dark Knight —

In the year of 2008, The Batman Dark Knight toy line was launched by toy manufacturer Mattel. The line of Batman dark knight action figures toys has 5 inches toys. You will find a cool Bruce Wayne figure with this range. The figure of the villain ‘the Joker’ has a cartoon-like face. The toys of this range come with Bat-Mobile and other gadgets.

3. Batman Joker —

The Joker is the main villain opposing Batman. You see him in movies and he is also present in the joker action figures. Action figures toys of the joker are liked above all the other villain figures. The Joker is very popular among the Batman fans as he heads the axis of all evils that opposes Batman. 123maxx

4. Batman Hush —

‘Batman hush’ is a must for all the fans of Batman. Every fan should add this line of Batman statue to his collection. The inspiration behind this line of Batman action figures is the ‘Hush’ comic book story. The Hush is a story of a mysterious stalker ‘Hush’ and all he wants is to sabotage Batman. ruay88

5. Batman Begins —

The busts of toy line ‘Batman Begins’ are just great. This line was launched when the ‘Batman Begins’ movie was released in 2005. You can find action figures of 14″ armed projectiles and other gadgets. Some figures come with Batarang and Speedbike too. This is really a special toy line. thetechboy

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