Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! A Cool Movie Review

Ok, I admit it. I’m a geek for anything related to Harry Potter. I’m not one of those people that dresses up or anything like that, villanyt-szere but I truly loved the books and the movies have been a must see event for the last six years. So, it might not shock you to hear that I was one of the first ones in line to see the midnight showing of “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” on Tuesday and I went to see it in London this past week at the Leicester square theater that it premiered in.

One of the things I’ve appreciated most about this series is their dedication to continuity and their desire to be as true to the books as time permits. Every movie has used the same cast, Blogline except of course for the passing of Richard Harris, and although there have been many different directors, they have all maintained the same ambiance, art direction and there has been a progression throughout each film in this series. I love the fact that we have watched the main young actors grow, otthonszuletik learn and age in front of our eyes. We can see the friendship and bond that has grown between them. They have been the foundation of and a large part of the success of these films. This couldn’t be truer than in this latest installment.

The sixth year at Hogwarts for Harry and his friends has become a time of growing hormones as well as coming into their own and leaving their adolescence behind. They are not children anymore and adulthood is looming over them as well as gloom, princefoundation despair and horror at the return of Voldemort. By far this is the darkest film in the franchise and the saying “something wicked this way comes” kept coming to mind. Harry realizes that his confrontation with Voldemort is imminent and he is preparing for what is coming by getting more hands on information and guidance from Dumbledore. They also make a journey together that leads ultimately to the final two films in the series and shows Harry what he needs to accomplish to defeat his foe. izomautok

It goes without saying that not everything that is told in the book has been included in this film. It just isn’t possible. This goes the same for all of the films in this franchise. If they included everything from each book the movies would be twice the length that they already are. So, there is quite a bit that is left out in the movie and they have even added some scenes and events that were not in the books. I’ve heard some outrage to these changes, additions and omissions. However, kutyulva I believe that Mrs. Rowling is very hands on with the script of these movies and would not let them make any such changes that would ruin the overall direction of her story. So, these things don’t affect me as it has others because what has transpired in the films makes sense one from the other. pollenindex


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