History of Postage Meters

A postage meter refers to a mechanical device which is being used for creating and applying physical evidence of postage to mail. The postage meters can be regulated by the postal authority of a country. In case of United States, Postager it is United States Postal Service which will specify the rule for creating the mechanical device. This will not only help to create, but also support the usage of postage meters in that particular country.

The postage meter generally functions just like a postage stamp. In 1912, TheRussia Arthur Pitney first introduced the postage meter. He had a partner by the name of Walter Bowes to produce the machines for postage meters. Previously it was the mechanical devices which were used as postage meters. But now, it has transformed into an Internet-based postage dispensing services. In 1847 the adhesive stamps were introduced in the market. But postal officials were worried about the security of the stamps. Moreover they were also concerned about processing the main on time. It was in 1850, that they cam up with a solution. This was to introduce the machine which could be used for affixing the postage stamp. Rottenpanda

In 1884, Carle Bushe, a Frenchman got a British patent for a machine which will not only print the stamp on the envelope, but will also record the total amount of postage. This was done with the help of a counting device. This can be said to be the beginning of postage meter. In 1800’s several inventors in Norway, Jetfuelmeals New Zealand, Germany and Australia were working upon similar ideas and trying to improvise on the existing ideas about postage meters. Arthur Pitney was working independently in Chicago. This young inventor obtained a patent of the mailing system in 1902. Just after that he started the Pitney Postal Machine Company. Later it came to be known as the American Postage Meter Company. The name was changed in 1912. autoverkopen24

When you look at the first stamp, you will find that machine had a chain action, along with a manual crank, counter, printer die and a lockout device. In the year 1919, Walter Bowes joined Pitney. He was well-known in the postal service of America because of his company Universal Stamping Machine. This company was known for manufacturing canceling machines for the post office. It was in 1902, Theunroll that the companies merged and Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter Company was formed. It was in September 1920, that the Model. M Postage Meter was first authorized. Later that year, it was used for commercial purpose in Stamford. In the year 1986, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers designated the Model M as the International Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark. Thecorrectly

If you look at the postage meter, you will find that there is a keyboard which is primarily used for entering the seals, postage and a mechanism for stamping. Previously the meter was brought to the office for ordering the additional postage. But when Pitney Bowes came into the market, they started the remote meter resetting device. This was known as Postage by Phone. Now the users are capable of adding to the postage balance with the help of telephones, through web or prepaid cards. The first counter will portray the remaining balance. As for the second counter, it will show the total postage for the franked consignments. And as for the third counter, the amount of prints will be counted in the postage meter. For more info vist these websites:- Nationlogy


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